Research recently published in the journal Neurology has
suggested that one in seven Americans could be suffering from a
worrying sleep condition classed as confusion arousal or 'sleep

Completely different from morning tiredness, sleep drunkenness
includes symptoms such as forgetfulness, brief mo-ments of
confusion, personality changes and even violent behaviour upon
sudden awakening. It is believed to affect around 15 percent of

Of those 19,000 people interviewed, episodes of sleep drunkenness
were most common in individuals already suffering from sleep
disorders (around 70 per cent), as well as those with mental health
disorders such as bipolar (37 per cent) and those on medication,
particularly antidepressants (31 per cent).

Lead author of the report, Dr Maurice Ohayon of Stanford
University said, "These episodes of confused awakening have not
gotten much attention, but given that they occur at a high rate in
the general population, more research should be done on when they
occur and whether they can be treated."