The Sleep Council has launched a new campaign encouraging
couples to continue to share a bed.

With research indicating that one in four couples now sleep in
different rooms, the organisation has openly declared war on what
it describes as 'separate rooms syndrome'.

Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council said sharing a bed with another person is "the ultimate
intimacy" and an activity that is believed by some researchers to
have health benefits.

"The latest research from America suggests that this intimacy helps
to lower stress hormones and encourage feelings of safety and
security," she explained.

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have said that sleeping
next to someone helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol.

However, loud snoring and other night-time habits such as stealing
the duvet can result in many couples choosing to sleep

To make sleeping next to someone as comfortable as possible, the
Sleep Council has recommended going to bed at the same time at
least three nights a week.

In addition, couples should ensure the bed they sleep in is
comfortable for both partners and make the bedroom into "an oasis
of calm and tranquillity", the organisation said.ADNFCR-1744-ID-801387479-ADNFCR