Many of us can find it difficult to sleep when the temperatures
plummet and there's snow on the ground. From not being able to find
a comfortable position, to never feeling fully warm, we've compiled
some top tips to ensure getting to sleep is just as easy as when
it's milder.

The optimal temperature to get to sleep is…

15.5°C - 19.4°C
according to Dr. Christopher Winter, Medical
Director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine,
generally temperatures above 23°C or below 12°C can disrupt

Throughout the course of a day, body temperatures peak and
decline with our highest temperature taking place in the early
afternoon and the lowest at around 5am. Once we're asleep the body
begins to cool off, to encourage deeper sleep.

Benefits of sleeping in the cold

  1. You can fall asleep faster!
    Provided your
    environment is not too cold, your body will fall asleep more

  2. You'll look younger! Temperatures between 15°C
    and 20°C allow the body to release melatonin, an anti-ageing

  3. It can even decrease your risk of developing
    certain metabolic diseases. A
    revealed sleeping in a 18°C - 19°C room can not only burn
    more calories whilst awake, but the amount of good fat in the body
    increased, lowering the risk for metabolic diseases like diabetes
    over time

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