Individuals suffering from a condition known as obstructive
sleep apnoea (OSA) could have significant health risks.

Typically developed by individuals who are obese, the condition
results in a person being unable to breathe properly during sleep.
This then leads to many sufferers being unable to get a proper
night's sleep, as their body wakes them when they suffer an

Other conditions that are associated with OSA include hypertension,
coronary artery disease, stroke and cardiac arrhythmia, the Kiowa
County Signal reports.

Meanwhile, the National Sleep Foundation in the US revealed that
many people could be suffering from the condition without even

"It's such a slow process that it can go on for years ... People
think, 'Oh, I'm older, it's normal not to be as peppy,' and they
blow off their symptoms," commented Dr Joyce Walsleben, an
associate professor of medicine at the New York University School
of Medicine in New York City.

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