The importance of owning a proper-sized bed to
ensure excellent comfort during the night cannot be underestimated
for those looking to get a good night's rest, it has been

According to the Sleep Council, the average person will spend more
than 20,000 hours sleeping during the seven-year lifespan of the
average bed and therefore it is
exceedingly important that they choose furniture that is the right
fit for them.

As a result, Brits looking to invest in a new bed, or simply for
those who feel they could improve the quality of their sleep by
changing their mattress, the
council has offered a number of tips on finding the perfect

Brits should look for a bed that fits their dimensions well, as
people should not feel cramped when sleeping, as this will not
allow them to get a good night's rest if they are constantly having
to toss and turn to get comfortable.

Jessica Alexander, a spokeswoman for the organisation, claimed it
is important for Brits to "buy a bed as big as they can afford", as
this will ensure they always have the room to stretch out and relax
during the night.

Furthermore, people should take into account the correct support
offered by a bed and mattress - not just the firmness - to ensure
they do not wake up with any annoying aches and pains, which could
get worse over time if left unchecked.

Meanwhile, homeowners should remember that a bed and mattress are
a pair and should work in harmony to give a great night's sleep. It
is therefore a common mistake that people consider these equally
important elements in isolation, but this can lead to a bedding
situation that is not optimal for comfort.

Finally, the Sleep Council argued that when people are looking to
update their sleeping arrangements they should not be afraid to
shop around a bit and try out different styles of bed and mattress,
as doing so will improve their chances of finding the best
combination to meet their daily rest-related needs.

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