March is the month of the year when the country becomes
sleep-centric in celebration of National Bed Month. We all know the
benefits of a good night's sleep, but to help us on our way, the
Shropshire Star has compiled six pieces of sleep-related kit that
have been developed to aid our eight hours.

There are five main stages of sleep, all of which vary in
cognitive function. The first stage is the transition between being
asleep and awake, and the brain produces high amplitude theta
waves. Most people who are woke up during this period would say
they were not really asleep. The second stage lasts for around 20
minutes, and the body temperature starts to decrease and heart rate
begins to slow. Stage three produces slow brain waves known as
delta waves, and this is the transition between light sleep and a
very deep sleep. Stage four is the delta sleep that is caused by
stage three, which brings us to the final stage, known as REM
sleep, where increased respiration rate and increased brain

Ensuring that we move through all of these periods is essential
for a good night's sleep, and those who are sleep deprived would
often be analysed through these periods to find the problem. 
Zeo Sleep Manager has brought this technique to personal handsets,
with a headband-mounted sensor that can track each sleep stage. The
application then records your nights rest on a graph, giving you
something to aim for the next night. This can help achieve a
'completed' sleep, where all cycles are fully experienced.

Oasis have recently released a TV Adjustable Bed, which has a 26- inch plasma TV set
that hides away inside the frame, several electronically adjustable
motors in the memory foam mattress to get you into the perfect
position and sliders for tension adjustment. This certainly is a
bed for kings, and the price range is certainly not achievable for
most of us. But observing the principles of this sleep-centric
device, such as the memory foam mattress and the relaxation
equipment could help you customise your bed into a tailor-made
sleep haven.

Like a Log is a Log Pillow that is suitable for both the bed and
for travel. It contains thousands of squidgy micro-beads that mould
to the shape of your head, creating a comfy spot in any position
you lie. This is very much like the memory
of the pillow world, adjusting and amending its
composition to whatever suits you.

Making sure you have clean and fresh air during the night can help
with sleep, and the Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier is here to help
you achieve that goal. Central heating systems create drier spaces,
and this will help add a fine, quickly evaporating mist to the air.
This is particularly good in hot seasons or when on holiday,
cooling the room with naturally created mist.

Kids' generally have a tough time of getting to sleep, and parents
will spend much of their lives making their rooms as sleep-focussed
as they possibly can. To help them on their way, Sound Asleep
Pillow plugs into an MP3 device and through a hidden internal
speaker plays your children's
favourite soothing sounds, songs or audio book at a low-decibel
level to help them drift off to sleep. This is far more comfortable
and far less disturbing than wearing headphones, and it also quite
a quirky idea, which will make the bed seem more appealing to the

Getting down to sleep with a good book and a warm beverage is
highly recommended, but it should be continuous with your sleep
pattern. Buying a book lamp is a good idea because it attaches to
the top of the book using a simple clip, which means you don't have
to turn out the main light before bed or reach to find a bedside
light switch.

Finally, getting sleep apps for your smartphone is a good idea for
monitoring or recording how you sleep. There are some quirky ones
out there too. The sleep recorder tracks and records sleep
conversations you had during the night, and will also help you see
whether you snore or not.

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