Q : Since beginning of May-12 I'm setting up a new house in UAE-
Sharjah; And on 11th of May I went to homes r us / Sharjah branch
and I got some furniture stuff for the new house setting up.In
addition, I got a silent sleep mattress which were represented by
the sales persons as number one and was delivered to me on 19th of
May-12.Few days ago I had my house shifted completely to the new
location and it was time to use the mattress !! Unfortunately for
the last few nights wife and myself are not able to sleep and not
feeling comfortable at all due to a couple of reasons :1- Something
faulty with the mattress where we can feel annoying little parts (
Like springs) touching the backs.2- Both mattress sides are atilt
in a way that you don't feel stable while sleeping unless you are
in the middle. 3- Although, I have repeated myself many times to
the silent sleep sales persons that I have a disc lower back pain
and that I need the stiffest mattress, the one which I have right
now is completely having different features !!I'm not happy at all
with this mattress, I paid the max price for the brand number one
in the market to have a good sleep.Your kind action/Advice would be
really appreciated.


A : The bed you have purchased has not been made by Silentnight
in the UK. You will need to refer your concerns to the
retailer/manufacturer in the UAE.