Q : Simple question: We want to replace our Silentnight 'Vienna'
mattress, but you appear to longer produce these. Can you tell me
what would be the closest equivalent in your range - and where we
might buy this in Edinburgh?


A : Firstly I must say that we are very proud to know that our
bed has lasted you so long and provided so many great nights sleep
- but things have changed a lot since 1979 in the world of
beds.Silentnight's range now features the Miracoil Spring System
which offers three distinct benefits that your open coil Vienna
doesn't - no roll-together, no roll-off and more support where your
body needs it most in the central third of the mattress.Fillings
and comfort layers have also changed a great deal - for instance,
you can now buy a mattress that features comfortable and breathable
Silentnight EcoComfort Fibre - scientifically proven to keep you
cooler.As a starting point I would recommend using our Ideal
Product tool that will help illustrate to you what the new range of
Silentnight Beds offer.Once you have started to get an idea of what
suits you there is no greater way of choosing a bed than trying
them out for yourself.To find your nearest stockist please useour
stockist search facility. Alternatively, you can buy online from
the Silentnight Shop.