Next month will see the publication
of Zen Doodle Origami, which is predicted to be the hot new
'mindfulness' trend for 2016. Colouring books flew off the shelves
in 2015, promising tranquility and peace of mind as you colour and
eventually became the publishing triumph of 2015. 


Zen Doodle Origami, by Carolyn Scrace, will be a
series of books, some with sheets of origami paper which you can
colour in before folding them into a crane, lotus flower or a
Samurai helmet. 

Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina, is an advocate of
mindfulness and suggests giving these trends a try to shut off and
rest the mind. "Try colouring in before you go to bed, says Nerina,
it slows the mind down taking the brain from beta mode (highly
stimulated) into the alpha-theta states which are almost
meditative, this enables and calms the nervous system preparing the
mind/body for deep, restorative sleep."

If origami or colouring isn't your thing, why not
take an extra bubbly bicarbonate bath? Add two mugs of sodium
bicarbonate to a bath of comfortably hot water and immerse yourself
completely for 20 minutes.  The bicarbonate neutralises the
skin's acidity, softens dry skin and is a good aid in
detoxification. Don't use soap or shampoo as the chemicals will
reduce the effect. Rinse off and go to bed soon afterwards.

Struggle to shut off at night? Dr Nerina advises some
gentle exercise. Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways
of reducing stress hormone levels, thus enabling you to sleep more
deeply.  The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines
recommend three or four sessions of aerobic exercise such as
swimming, cycling, jogging, fast walking, for 20-30 minutes per

Feel like you've tried every sleep tip imaginable?
Try this one… Dr Nerina suggests saying, 'Aaah' can help release
pain and stuck negative energy. It might feel weird, but go for it,
don't hold back. 1 minutes of this can help clear the mind allowing
for deep, clean sleep. 

Will you be trying origami for the new mindfulness
craze of 2016? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.