Robbie Williams recently revealed in a video
that he has been suffering from a rare health
condition called Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder. What is
it and why do some of us do it?

The condition is responsible for causing Robbie to wake up in
the night for a midnight snack whilst being totally unaware he is
doing so. Robbie believes that this is the cause of his fluctuating

Our Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, weighs in on the

"In my experience of working with such 'disorders' there's
usually an underlying emotional cause. Robbie clearly pushes
himself very hard and seems to be somewhat of a perfectionist which
can leave him feeling as if nothing he's doing is good enough and
fearing letting people down.  

Nocturnal eating can be related to failure to meet one's own
emotional needs. In traditional Chinese medicine the sleep phase
post-midnight is related to balancing emotions of the heart.
 Robbie needs to ask himself  'what is it that I really
need and how can I meet this need?  Who can I turn to? There's
also something here about valuing himself and bolstering his sense
of self worth. This might stop him reaching out at night - for the
wrong things."

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