The bedroom has to be a place where people can relax if they
are to get a good night's rest.

Selecting the right pillow, duvets and bed linen will all encourage individuals
to nod off with greater ease.

However, the colour and tone of the room should also be considered
in the design process and Mike Hackworthy, partner and designer
with Sofa Design, thinks that bright and vibrant hues can open a
space up.

"Using colours that are very much associated with the outdoors,
such as lime greens, sunshine yellows and raspberry pinks will
evoke the cheerful feeling of summer," Mr Hackworthy said.

People will benefit from having a feel-good atmosphere in the
bedroom and so the use of bright blocked colours should make it
seem airier.

Mr Hackworthy stated this method can be particularly useful for a
smaller room as it creates the impression of more space then there
actually is.

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