Children who snore should undergo medical examinations to
determine whether or not they are suffering with sleep

That is according to a new report released today (August 28th) by
the American Academy of Paediatrics, which has noted snoring at a
young age could be an indication that a little one is struggling
with health issues.

The main symptom of apnoea is that sufferers experience pauses in
their breathing while resting, which can occur throughout the night
and often disrupt sleep.

And Dr Carole Marcus, professor of paediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,
has urged parents to take action sooner rather than later if their
child snores regularly.

"Paediatricians should routinely ask parents about snoring, but if
they don't, parents should bring it up. Snoring in kids can be a
sign of a serious medical illness," she told Healthday.

Dr Marcus went on to say that simple tests are able to ascertain
whether or not a child is suffering from sleep apnoea.

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