Q : Ref silentnight Holbein king size mattress in CostcoI've
looked on your forum and whilst I understand you say this is made
specific for Costco Can you confirm which is the closest in your
range and also are the pocket springs individual I am somewhat
confused as many other makes are also comfortable so what's so
special about this mattress against your current range.Would you
class this as a delux mattress


A : The Moonbean in our core range is a mirapocket mattress with
the unique two layer spring combination, however, this has 2400
springs in total whereas the Holbein has 1400.The pocket springs
are individual for luxurious comfort.We are sorry that you are
finding choosing a mattress confusing, it is not easy with all the
different fillings and spring combinations available. However, you
do spend a lot of time in bed so choose the mattress that you feel
is most comfortable and gives you the correct level of support
irrespective of price tags or label names.