England and Liverpool player Raheem
Sterling, has received backlash by team members and media a like,
for insisting on being rested for England's Euro 2016 qualifier
against Estonia.

Manager Roy Hodgson, whose decision
it was to leave Sterling on the bench until the second half of
England's recent game with Tallinn, after which he assisted Rooney
with the winning goal, praised the player for being honest about
his tiredness.

Sterling, who has already featured
14 times this season in both Liverpool and England games, has spent
a staggering 1,105 minutes on the pitch - the third highest of all
the England players.

Although some football pundits have
questioned his need for downtime, the teenager has held his ground
about needing more rest before games and has received support from
fellow players including, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Lineker. Rio, who
was one of the people to come to Sterling's defence on Twitter,
suggested that English players are often too proud to admit
fatigue. He tweeted: "With more rest at the right times throughout
seasons, Rooney would have gone into tournaments for England
fresher. Same could be said of Gerrard, Lampard, JT, A.Cole myself
- all too proud to sit out of training or a match with the bigger
picture in mind."

Lineker who suggested Sterling was
tired, simply because he was a teenager tweeted: "Sterling is a
teenager. Teenagers do get tired and even moody. He's young, he's
still developing, we should cut him some slack."

Do you agree, should footballers be
able to decide when they suffering from fatigue without affecting
their careers?