It is generally appreciated across the board that sleep is
vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, however, many people are
not taking enough time when it comes to purchasing the most
significant of sleep enablers: the mattress.

Sleep significantly effects how we feel during the day, and
accounts for a third of our lives. Additionally, there are multiple
amounts of mattresses available
that can be tailored to individual needs. With these factors
combined, buying a mattress cannot be an impulse decision.

According to, there are three primary concerns
that you must consider when buying a mattress: firmness, type of
mattress and bed, and size.

There are several misconceptions when it comes to the firmness of
a mattress. In general, many people think the softer the mattress
the better. For those who experience back pains, the general
consensus is the firmer the mattress the better. Although both
statements may indeed hold some weight, they are not the ground
rules of making mattress purchases.

Firmness in contemporary manufactured mattresses has been
translated to 'support', with many mattresses supporting the body
in specific regions, rather than simply offering as much support as
possible. The Miracoil mattresses, for example, have 1,350
individually pocketed springs which ensure long-lasting support
using a two layered spring system.

If you don't feel adequately supported in your current mattress,
it is probably time to replace it. The average lifespan of a
mattress is ten years, although many people keep theirs for longer,
which can aggravate back problems and make sleep quite an arduous

There are several different types of bed and mattress, which is a
primary reason why your purchase cannot be one of impulse. There
are the classic mattresses, which would suit those who are
comfortable with sleep as it is. Memory foam
, which are becoming a popular choice because of
their ability to mould to the body shape. Miracoil mattresses
perform a similar task, although they are more comparable to a
regular mattress.

In terms of beds, there are also a range of options available that
can suite the individual needs of the buyer. There is a selection
of divan beds that come in various styles, combining convenient
storage with supreme comfort and support.

Finally, size considerations are slightly less complicated but
certainly just as important. Bigger is generally better when it
comes to size, as it allows for the upmost freedom in the bedroom.
However, design features are always a consideration, so downgrading
to a queen sized or single mattress may be a requisite for making
the most out of limited room sizes.

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