Poor sleeping patterns may be linked to a difficult-to-treat
form of high blood pressure, research has suggested.

A new study has suggested individuals who are failing to get
enough rest during the night may be making their heart problem

While previous analysis has suggested people who have poor-quality
sleep are more likely to get high blood pressure, researchers
wanted to discover if a lack of sleep may be making it harder to
resolve the issue.

During the study, scientists examined the rest patterns of 234
individuals with hypertension who were being treated at a clinic in
Pisa, Italy and discovered varying results.

It was discovered poor sleep increased people's risk of having
treatment-resistant high blood pressure.

However, the link between the two weakened considerably when
researchers factored in whether people had signs of depression,
which may affect both sleep quality and blood pressure.

Medical experts suggest individuals ensure they get enough rest
every day to prevent disease, avoid weight gain and stay healthy in
the long term.

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