Finding the right mattress could be an extremely important
aspect in individuals ensuring they maintain long-term good

This is the view of new research highlighting a possible link
between disturbed sleep and the development of some cancers, which
was carried out at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
and Public Health in the US.

It found that as instances of disordered breathing increased due to
an individual's poor sleep patterns, the likelihood of them
developing cancer rose.

"In vitro (laboratory) and animal studies suggest that intermittent
hypoxia promotes angiogenesis and tumour growth, which can explain
these observations," commented study leader Dr Javier Nieto.

As a result, Brits could improve their health by investing in beds that promote a good night's

The American Sleep Association notes one of the major sleep
disorders to affect individuals across the globe is that of sleep
apnoea. Major contributing factors to the development of the
disease are obesity, with symptoms including loud snoring, broken
sleep patterns and increased blood pressure.

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