There are a number of different techniques and habits that can
help those who are struggling to sleep with getting enough rest,
according to performance expert Andrew May.

He described sleep as a "secret weapon" that can help people
achieve their aims and reach the top of their game in their
personal and working lives.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, the coach - who has worked
with a number of elite sportspeople - encouraged people to make
sleep a priority rather than treating it as an inconvenience.

"Sleep isn't an evolutionary error; it's something that we all
need in order to perform each day," argued Mr May, suggesting that
those who can should settle into a routine before going to bed in order to prepare the body for an
extended rest.

One way to do this is to cut out any caffeine after 15:00 and
avoid using any technology such as laptops and iPhones before bed,
the expert concluded.

Christopher Winter, sleep advisor for Men's Health magazine,
recently argued that forming a good sleeping pattern could prolong
the career of top athletes.

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