Lying in bed being unable to get to sleep can be a very
frustrating experience.

Individuals may find themselves tossing and turning on the bed in an effort to get comfortable and
finally get some shut-eye.

However, according to Dr Russell Rosenberg, chairman of the board
of the National Sleep Foundation, people should be able to doze off
within ten minutes of heading to the bedroom.

If they cannot get to sleep in this time period, then Dr Rosenberg
advises getting out of bed for a while before trying again.

He said this is much better than sitting watching a clock tick on,
which can actually perpetuate the problem of not being able to nod

Reading, listening to soothing music and running through some
basic relaxation exercises are all recommended by the expert.

However, individuals should avoid switching on the TV or laptop,
as this could make the mind too active.

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