Q : Paul Simon are selling a Renaissance Miracoil 7 divan bed
butI cannot find it listed on your site? Can you tell me the
specifications of this bed?


A : As this bed is exclusive to Paul Simon you will not be able
to find it on our website. This is a Miracoil 7 mattress. Miracoil
7 is our advanced sleep range. It gives you all the benefits of our
Miracoil 3, but has been enhanced to feature an extra sensitive
support layer to provide more targeted support. With even more
gentle cushioning around the shoulder and neck area, and more
sensitive support around the hips, our Miracoil 7 beds offer
luxurious comfort with ultimate support. Perfect if you or your
partner prefer extra cushioning when you sleep on your side, love
more luxurious comfort and support.Pillow top mattresses have an
additional layer of padded fibres on the top of the mattress for
the ultimate in luxurious softness.This mattress has Cirrus
Airflow, a clever new material that stops you overheating and
creates the perfect microclimate - how cool is that?The mattress is
28cm deep.