Many parents with young children will worry if their toddler
is receiving the right amount of sleep to ensure they are
developing at the right pace, but they should rest assured there
are people out there who know the best ways to keep children

Research carried out by child psychologists Dr Benjamin Spock, T
Berry Braselton, Kristina Murrin, Dr Paul Martin, Dr Jerry Wyckoff
and Barbara Unell and published in the Deccan Herald has
highlighted some simple tips that can help young children to nod off to bed with minimal fuss and bother.

"Children who get sufficient amounts of sleep every night function
better throughout the day - they are more alert and their
concentration, performance and memory power are better than those
who do not get enough sleep," the study noted.

Tips offered by the study include creating a safe and calming
environment in which to rest, as well as placing a positive
emphasis on getting enough sleep.

Furthermore, parents need to understand their child's body clock
and realise that their sleep patterns will change over time. It is
therefore important to build up a routine to help children realise
themselves when it is time for rest.

Finally, parents must understand their child's temperament, as
this can play a key part in getting a good night's sleep. Indeed,
children come in all shapes and sizes and therefore tailoring a
routine and sleep pattern to the individual child is extremely

Meanwhile, interior design expert Jo Hamilton recently advised
families to decorate a child's bedroom in a manner that will
stimulate them visually, but which will not overly excite them. She
noted that primary shades can be good for very young children,
while pastels can be better for older kids.

"I've done a colour scheme for a children's playroom and I just
used colour on the floors and on the walls, [though] you can turn
it up as well, using colour on lots of different surfaces," she

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