As many as a third of people who have treatment for ill health
could also have sleep problems, it has been claimed.

The Hindu Times reports obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can be
damaging to health, but there are treatments that can ease the
severity of symptoms.

N Ramakrishnan, director of Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences,
commented: "No tablet can cure sleep apnoea. However, equipment
that maintains continuous airway pressure such as a CPAP machine
allows a patient to enjoy good sleep."

According to Mr Ramakrishnan, research carried out in India has
demonstrated that between eight and nine per cent of the population
suffer from OSA, while diabetes sufferers typically demonstrate a
higher incidence rate.

MSN Health recently reported there could be a significant number
of cases of OSA going undiagnosed as a result of individuals
putting their health issues down to other causes, such as a lack of
regular exercise or poor diet.

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