We all know the importance of a good
night's sleep, but have you ever thought about how important it is
to get a good day's sleep if you are a night shift worker? As well
as battling irregular sleeping patterns, new research out today has
found it can also affect your weight. According to the University
of Colorado, sleeping during the day burns fewer calories than at
night, so working night shifts can increase the risk of developing

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The study has found that night shift
patterns disrupt the metabolism of employees, causing them to use
less energy than they normally would over the course of a

The effect was particularly
pronounced when the employees were trying sleep during the day as,
despite suffering more disturbed sleep, they burned between 12% and
16% fewer calories than when sleeping at night.

The findings may help to explain why
those who work night shifts are more likely to suffer from obesity
and related diseases, such as heart disease.

Dr Kenneth
Wright, director of the sleep and chronobiology laboratory at the
University of Colorado, said lower energy use may accentuate the
poor diet and lack of exercise that is often seen in night shift
workers. He said this may be due to a mismatch between the body's
internal circadian clock and sleep patterns that disrupt normal

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