A new study by Camilia Oral Solution
for National Teething Week has found new parents each lose 970
hours of sleep during the baby's first year, which is equivalent to
40 whole days without sleep. 

Both parents will lose an incredible
amount of sleep due to their precious new arrival but suffering the
most are new mums who typically lose 23 minutes more sleep than
dads each night. This adds up to an extra 18 nights sleeps over the
course of a year.



Image: picturesbymom.com

The exhaustion of dealing with a
crying tot has a considerable impact on parents' general wellbeing
as well as raising stress levels. The study of 1,006 new parents
showed they spent 53 minutes and 33 seconds every day trying to
settle the crying baby back to sleep, with 25 per cent of new
parents finding it so upsetting they broke down in tears

The research also revealed the lengths exasperated
parents go to in order to soothe their child. Nearly all new
parents (93 per cent) resort to taking their baby out in the car or
for a stroll in the pram, with a third (32 per cent) doing this
once every three days. Travelling almost 3.9 miles per trip, the
average parent clocks up 432 miles in their first year, equivalent
to a journey from Exeter to Edinburgh.

"Parents struggle every day to calm
their baby's tears, but our research shows 15 per cent of all these
tears are caused by teething"  Nadege Meillier, from Boiron
pharmaceuticals says. " However, nearly half of all parents - 46
per cent - can't recognise the common symptoms of teething
therefore they miss the opportunity to help their child through the
discomfort. It's because of this we're trying to increase awareness
with the creation of a National Teething Week in

Celebrities aren't immune to this
struggle either, with Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton suffering from a
series of teething-related sleepless nights. She admits that as a
result she's turned to caffeine simply to get her through her
working day. "So many people who struggle to get out of bed skip
breakfast and become reliant on caffeine to get them through the
day." Says our sleep expert Dr Nerina." Eating breakfast within 30
minutes and snacking during the day on yoghurt, fruit, nuts, seeds,
lean meats or hummus will help to keep your blood sugar level

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