A special neurostimulator fitted underneath the collarbone
could solve the problem of snoring.

It works by preventing pauses in breathing during sleep and means
individuals will be able to enjoy good quality rest.

Physicians at the Department of Otolaryngology at Charite
Universitatsmedizin Berlin have developed the technology to deal
with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) syndrome.

The condition sees upper throat muscles relax excessively during
sleep, which in turn causes parts of the respiratory tract to
narrow and this leads to breathing difficulties.

Once a person has the neurostimulator installed, it keeps their
tongue in the uppermost part of the pharynx by sending a weak
electrical impulse to the hypoglossal nerve.

Somnologist and sleep researcher Dr Alexander Blau noted the
technology could be significant in treating cases of OSA.

"The patient has regained a piece of his quality of life. Before
he goes to bed, he can simply turn on
the device with a small remote control," Dr Blau remarked.

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