Here at Silentnight we use both natural and synthetic
materials in our mattresses. When choosing the right mattress and
bedding, it is entirely up to personal preference so here are some
pointers to set you on track…




such as wool, lead to sturdy fibres that are perfect
for a more luxurious feel with natural body and bounce. The secret
lies in the crimp:


The fibres have a unique, three dimensional crimp that
gives them resilience. These fibres act like millions of tiny
springs, helping us move easily and peacefully to sleep through the


Crimped wool fibres are naturally elastic, able to
stretch and return to their natural shape.


The natural crimp effectively traps pockets of air
allowing the fibres to breathe naturally which then creates
insulation against the heat as well as the cold.


Wool fibres easily absorb the moisture our bodies
generate while we sleep so we don't get that clammy feeling that
synthetic fibres sometimes give. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its
weight in water without feeling the least bit damp, this is because
the molecules in wool are quite porous.


Wool is far more efficient than other textiles at
absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air, before bacteria has
a chance to develop and produce unpleasant body odour.




Synthetic fibres and
are technically advanced materials designed for the
modern world and provide sublime comfort and easycare. With all of
the benefits of natural fibres, synthetic fibres offers benefits
that suit people with hectic schedules and need bedding and
mattresses for their on-the-go routine.


Similar to sportswear today, synthetic materials provide
high performance, are lightweight and breathable.


Mattresses are a large investment, so getting the
perfect comfort level is crucial. Synthetic fibres allow for
customers to select a combined effect of pressure, movement, heat
and moisture on various filling materials.



Synthetic fibres in bedding are easily washed, and dry fast
keeping sticky fingers and spills at bay.


When selecting the right bedding and mattresses for
your family, remember it's down to personal preference. For an
added 'luxe' feel, natural fibres may be more desirable, and for
easy wash, try synthetic.


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