Are you a morning person or do you struggle
every single morning to pull yourself out of the cloud that you
call bed?

Everyone would rather catch a few extra hours in
bed after a long day, trust us, but getting a good night's sleep
can have so many benefits. Getting into bed earlier every night and
treating yourself to a good quality can help you massively in the
long run. Don't believe us? See below for yourself!

  1. Better health: more sleep may not
    guarantee immunity from disease, however studies have found a
    correlation between a lack of sleep and serious health risks.
    What's more, tired eyes may miss the little things that might have
    made your day that little bit brighter.

  2. Improve memory: your mind is busier
    than you think whilst sleeping, practicing and strengthening skills
    from your time awake, which will improve the day after your

  3. Stress relief: sleeping is meant to be a process of
    complete relaxation for the mind and body. However, for some of us
    our daily routines and working life can really take its toll.
    Exploring relaxation techniques may result in a longer and more
    comfortable night's sleep. Our bodies react to less sleep by
    becoming tense and put on high alert with a risk of high blood
    pressure and ultimately fatal health risks.

  4. Smiles all round: more sleep
    creates a happier you, with more energy and patience for the people
    surrounding you and for the day ahead. 

  5. Healthy heart: we all know how it
    feels to love somebody or to be loved. However, try to love
    yourself… by sleeping a little longer. This will help to maintain a
    healthy heart whilst reducing your stroke risk.

  6. Improve your concentration:
    truggling to focus on a task in work or at home? Do
    you find yourself gazing out the window when you should be
    concentrating? If this is a regular occurrence, you may want to try
    having a few extra hours' sleep. For your brain to function well,
    sleep is vital!

  7. Aches and Pains: more sleep can reduce your suffering and less
    sleep can cause a low pain threshold. More sleep = happy body