Q : My elderley mother has a memory foam
and has been complaining she cannot sleep. She seems
to think a softer mattress will cure it. She suffers with a bad
shoulder which is worn out, according to her doctor, who says they
cannot help her. In your opinion would a softer mattress make a
difference to her ability to sleep?


A : It is important to remember that people's requirement for
support will differ depending on their weight and build. Look for a
combination of firm core support to hold the spine in correct
alignment, with plenty of top layers creating a nice, soft sleeping
surface.A mattress that is too firm leaves parts of the body
unsupported, creating pressure points on the parts of the body that
are in contact with the mattress. A soft mattress may feel very
comfy initially, but a mattress that is too soft will allow the
lower back to sink into it too far, throwing the spine out of