Questions: i recently brought a silentnight double pillow top
matteress and also purchased a new double matteress protecter and
double fitted sheet but both constantly ride up and seem to small
for the natteress i tried a king size fitted sheet and this was too
big.This matteress costa lot of moneyand i am very anoyed that it
is causing me and my partner much distress is there a reson why
these products don t fit properly they are also silentnight

Answer: We are sorry to hear that are disappointed with
your Silentnight mattress protector and sheet. However,
Silentnight bedding is not actually produced by ourselves. The
leading bedding manufacturer Comfy Quilts holds the licence to use
the Silentnight name on their products.  Unfortunately, the
Data Protection Act prevents me from forwarding your email direct
to them. 

It is often the case that two double beds are not the
same size particularly where the depth of the mattress is
concerned.  The addition of the luxurious pillow top layer on
your mattress for instance will increase the overall mattress
depth.  It may be that the bedding you have purchased is for a
more "regular" depth mattress.

Could we, therefore, ask that you contact Comfy
Quilts via one of the following methods.  They may be
able to provide you with details of more suitable

Tel: 0870 766 27 27  E-mail:

Websites: or

They do take customer complaints very seriously and we are
confident that they will be able to help you.