We do so much to maintain and protect our health during the
day that many people forget that looking after our health at night
is just as important.

Mattress health and the bedroom environment can significantly
affect our personal health, and considering that we spend a third
of our life asleep, these may be considerations you need to start

Ben Thorud, senior vice president of Ashley Sleep said: "As
parents, we go to great lengths making sure our family is
protected; but sometimes, it's what you don't see that can cause

"Creating a cosy, safe sleeping environment for your family allows
everyone to rest easier and wake up ready to experience their best
day ever."

There are several ways in which you can ensure that the mattresses
you and your family are sleeping on are the right ones. First of
all, you should take time to understand what is in your mattress. A
helpful tool for this is the Silent Night website. On
Silentnight.co.uk there are step by step cartoon demonstrations of
the material that goes into each of the mattresses. It is
commonplace for a mattress to be filled with more than one
material, so this resource is ideal for gaining a complete
understanding of what you are sleeping on.

Allergy sufferers are generally the most affected by their night's
sleep, and it is important that all materials are hypoallergenic to
ensure that they get the most comfortable sleep possible. Sleeping
on old mattresses can also be an irritant, so ensure that the
mattress is kept fresh and well maintained.

There are also anti-allergy mattress topper products, which can be
placed on top of existing mattresses to protect and prolong the
longevity of the mattress. The 30 per cent cotton and 70 per
polyester covers have a 100 per cent anti-bacterial filling,
leaving the bed fresh and allergy compatible.

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