There are several recipes for success when it comes to a good
night's sleep, but to get things started off, try mattress,
pillows, and action.

March is National Bed Month, and is the best time of the year for
those struggling with sleep to address their problems. There are
several reasons why you could be struggling with the dark art, with
many people stating the stress of everyday life as being a big
contributing factor. With job stress and working relations now
permeating our personal lives, many are finding it difficult to
turn off and relax at night, which has an adverse effect on how we
can get down at night.

The McTimoney Chiropractic Association, in alliance with
Dunlopillo, has recently released some top tips to help avoid back
or neck pain in bed, with a good mattress and pillows at the top of
the pile.

Many people may not realise when it is time for a new bed, but it
is one of the quintessential aspects of enjoying the night. If the
mattress is sagging in the middle, or if you are experiencing pains
when you wake up, it is likely that a new bed may be the way

Mattress making has become somewhat of a fine art of late, and
those looking for a new mattress now have a veritable smorgasbord
to choose from. As a result, mattress choice has become a very
personal decision. There are conventional mattresses that offer
more support, and new technology that offers new kinds of support,
such as memory foam mattresses, which mould to the shape of your

Once you have the right mattress, make it as appealing as
possible. The bed should be a place of desire, and so making it
look so is essential. Choose your pillows carefully, making sure
the look and design suit you. It is important that you sleep in the
most natural posture to you, so organise your pillows so that this
is easily achievable.

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