September is a busy month. Summer is coming to a
close, the kids have gone back to school, Christmas is edging
closer and students are going back to university - or for some,
just starting.

For freshers, it can be daunting leaving home for the
first time and of course, leaving their own bed in exchange for one
used by many before in halls of residence.


To help make halls feel a little more like home, follow our five
top tips:

Get a mattress topper

Not many student halls are known for their
wonderfully comfy beds. To improve this, try using a mattress
topper to add an extra comfort layer under your linen, such as Silentnight toppers.

Get an early night

We know it's freshers week, but consider making
the first night all about you and readjusting to your new settings.
Get a good night's sleep and develop a new sleep routine to make
sure you are ready for the 9am lectures.  

Decorate your room

Take time to decorate your room and make it feel
more like home. Put pictures on your wall, buy a lamp, get some
shelves, pin up pictures of your family, friends and the dog. It
will help you sleep better!

Request a new mattress

If your mattress is clearly past its use by
date, request a new one. So many students put up with poor sleeping
conditions simply because they don't want to ask for a new one. If
you don't ask you don't get.  

Air out your room

One of the top reasons for sleep disturbance is
being too hot. Leave your window open an hour before bed to let the
crisp autumn air in and bring down the temperature of your room
before you go to sleep.

If you still need pillows, a duvet, topper and accessories for
university, check out our bedding range: