Spending enough time in bed should be made a priority to
ensure people get enough sleep every night, a 'happiness expert'
has advised.

Dr Timothy Sharp of the Happiness Institute explained that many
individuals do not place enough emphasis on the importance of sleep
and are missing out on valuable rest as a result.

"I think for a lot of people they see sleep as a waste of time, or
at least as something that's not as important as other things," he
was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying.

Failing to get enough sleep every night can affect productivity,
decision-making and overall health and Dr Sharp, who is one of
Australia's positive psychology and happiness experts, added that
getting out of bad habits is one way to get more rest.

"Don't drink too much caffeine in the afternoon," he advised,
explained that large late-night meals and excessive alcohol intake
can also affect sleep quality.

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