A new pillow aimed specifically at
travellers, is designed to allow wearers to gain that little bit of
shut eye, wherever they may be.

Aptly named NapAnywhere, the
adjustable disc-shaped pillow is the perfect shape to allow any
individual to sleep effectively in a seated upright

Made from foam, the portable pillow,
which received the Production Innovation Award at the 2014
International Travel Goods Show, can be collapsed and twisted into
different shapes to suit each individual. Perfect for a quick
snooze on your commute, the pillow can be used between your head
and shoulders and secured with a strap. The pillow can also be
moulded to your body for extra support.

Once you have chosen your perfect
pillow position, NapAnywhere can be adjusted forwards or backwards,
for more support for your neck or back of your

NapAnywhere creator, Dr Ravi
Shamaiengar, who has a PhD in medicine and a Master of Science and
degree in chemistry, created the pillow after he suffered a sports
injury and found it difficult to sleep whilst travelling. He
commented: "As a physician, I strive to have an impact on people's
lives every day. I truly believe with the NapAnywhere I can help
more people than ever before".

NapAnywhere, which is priced at £36,
joins a whole host of other travel pillows currently on the market
but this pillow is the only one of its kind that claims to relax
your muscles to allow you to sleep upright anywhere.