Lately it seems like the world is full of fancy new concepts to
revamp our houses and make them that little bit more homely. Hygge
which has been around for the past few years focuses on the quality
of cosy assets in the home which provide feelings of contentment
and well-being. This trend has been splattered all over social
media with pictures of thick knitted quilts, warm lighting, candles
and almost fort like bedrooms as main focal points of

Although hygge is really more of a short term sensation that you
get from the minor joys in life than a physical goal, the concept
has been so vastly adopted throughout the digital world and has
become a focal selling point for interior design and trends since
it rise in popularity. Due to it's seemingly easily obtainable
nature and evocative feelings of content, the world has adopted the
hygge as an ultimate state of relaxation in recent years.

Then in steps Lagom...

2017 has bought a new trend to take hygge's place. Lagom, a
Swedish concept, focuses on the philosophy of "just the right
amount." Instead of being a simple interior trend which challenges
you to buy into a certain type of item and build upon aesthetic,
Lagom confronts how our 'human spaces' actually compliment our
basic needs. Mindful behaviour and consumption are the ethics
behind this new trend which is insistent on self reflective
thinking about everyday objects and habits.

Boasting the sustainable principles of its ethics, Lagom has
quickly been picked up by online communities and is very rapidly
becoming a major living trend. To some, it may seem that the
introduction of this new trend could mean the end for our late
night traditions of woolly socks and throws all in the spirit of

But is this really the end of Hygge?

To put it bluntly no, Hygge is not over. There are many
similarities between the two trends which means that the two
concepts could potentially work together to become the ultimate
cosy/sustainable combination that the world so dearly needs so
don't go throwing out those woolly blankets just yet.

As Hygge is all about the small comforts of life, the trend is
already actually complementary to the strict lagom guidelines of
less is more. Additionally, many of the luxury product advertised
as the pinnacle definition of the Hygge lifestyle actually serve to
help the environment in one way or another and contribute to more
sustainable living. For example, 25% of coffee - a more social part
of the Hygge traditions - bought in the UK falls under the Fair
Trade label which gleefully compliments the lagom ideals of
sustainable living.

As the concept of Lagom can simply challenge the way in which we
buy into the Hygge tradition the new trend simply asks that as
consumers we approach our spendings with much more caution and
consciousness. Whilst incorporating both Hygge and Lagom choices
into our everyday life, it's important to ensure that the products
being bought serve to better our surroundings in a positive manner,
and leave little space for harmful environmental practices.

Bringing Hygge and Lagom in to your bedroom

As both of these high trends promote a simplistic, relaxing
environment, they could make for a better night's sleep. By living by these trends
you may be able to drift off effortlessly, whilst also maintaining
a peaceful evening of rest. One of the key influences on your sleep
pattern is your well-being and both Hygge and Lagom have been
praised for their peace-bringing properties. With this in mind, how
can you make your bedroom reflect these trends?


Texture is a great way to make your room feel more cosy, so why
not try layering different textures in your room. There's no better
feeling than a cotton duvet cover and pillows to help you settle
into a wonderful night's sleep, but to stay in keeping with Lagom
ways why not opt for sheets that are made from Organic cotton

For additional warmth on those particularly chilly nights a
knitted woollen blanket would be great to add that additional heat.
Because of the easily breathable nature of wool these blankets
could also be a great substitute to heavy duvets in the

You could even go all out and treat yourself to some bamboo linen
materials which are not only great for sustainable living but also
feel so great that they're materials are often compared to


Candles are a great way to create that ultimate relaxed feeling
and look great in any room! For a more sustainable candle why not
opt for a wax base other than paraffin and invest in alternatives
such as Beeswax or vegetable wax. Additionally if you're candles
contain aluminium holders make a conscious effort to recycle the
ends in fitting with your new Lagom ways.


Pillows are the greatest Hygge trend going and the best thing
about them is that there can never be too many pillows on your bed.
By mixing pillows and textures you can really get into that cosy
mindset before you finally hit the hay.


Try and keep the tones in your room as warm as possible. A low
watt, warm toned bulb will work perfectly for a ceiling lamp and
will not appear to harsh during the mornings and nights. Add a lamp
in the corner of your room to make that ultimate glowy warm feeling
and don't forget to use energy saving light bulbs to keep up with
your new Lagom ways.

Have you bought into these new living trends? Or is there
another trend that you're obsessed with? Either way, we'd love to
see your idea of bedroom heaven. Why not tweet us a pic over at
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