A lack of sleep has been highlighted as a contributory factor
in many students failing to have good organisation and time
management, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by the National Sleep Foundation in the US
showed just over a quarter (28 per cent) of Americans presently
claim to be getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night,
with this figure even lower for students.

Megan Ruiter, lead author of the report, stated that while many
people are aware of the importance of good diet and getting plenty
of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is still a
majority of people who are unaware of the importance of getting the
right amount of restful sleep.

"I think students in general need to do a better job of planning
out their days and making time for sleep," she said.

"I know for me, half the time I don't get sleep, it's because of
schoolwork, but the other half, I know, it's me procrastinating and
staying up late when I don't need to. I need to get better at not
doing that."

The report also highlighted a correlation between people getting
less than six hours of sleep per night and a rise in the likelihood
of these individuals suffering serious health problems, such as

As a result, it highlighted the fact that the average person does
not fully understand the major risks they run by failing to get
adequate rest each evening.

Earlier this month, Dr Timothy Sharp of the Happiness Institute
highlighted the importance of sleep in promoting contentment and

He argued that many people continue to labour under the
misconception that they can get away with the minimum amount of
sleep each night, but over the long term this can have a
significant impact on their overall wellbeing, leading them to
suffer from a lack of concentration and even ill health.

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