For little ones, going to bed can often be one of the least
interesting parts of the day, leaving parents struggling to
encourage them to sleep.

However, Joanne Mallon, a life coach and author of Toddlers: An
Instruction Manual, explained that by establishing a bedtime
routine, evenings can be made all the more pleasurable.

This will signal to the child that it is time for them to wind
down and go to sleep.

"A disrupted routine can lead to the child getting over-excited
just when you want them to calm down," Ms Mallon continued.

Although it's OK if this happens on occasion, it is not good for
the child if bedtime is lacking in routine on a daily basis.

There are many things that families can do before the kids go to bed, such as allowing them to have a
noisy play session to let off steam, followed by a bath and bedtime
story, added the expert.

Posted by Michael Ewing