Encouraging kids to move to a new bed can often be a tough
task, but getting children involved in the decision could prove

A spokeswoman for the Sleep Council explained that there are
various different styles of bed out there and children might have a
preference towards some more than others.

"Kids do love bunk beds and they can be great space savers in
small bedrooms but do make sure they have proper, well secured
guard rails, the mattress sits down well inside those rails and the
ladder is firmly secured," noted the expert.

She pointed out that children's beds are a key piece of furniture
in their bedrooms and need to, at least in part, be their own
personal choice.

The bedroom is a very personal part of the house, so any items
within it really need to express this.

When it comes to selecting a new children's bed, allow youngsters
to have say in which bed frame they want, as well as the bedding
they like the most.

Although they might be keen to have their favourite cartoon
character plastered on their duvet cover, it is worth bearing in
mind that their tastes may change pretty quickly.

Therefore opting for something with a little more longevity could
be a good option, but by no means should that mean putting a
dampener on their imagination.

Bright colours and patterns are a great way to add zing to the
bedroom without going anywhere near a tin of paint.

Parents may also want to use the bed buying experience as an
opportunity to teach them more about sleep, mattresses and good

One thing to explain is the role that mattresses play in providing
support throughout the night, the expert emphasised, which is
important even from an early age.

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