It looks like a good night's
shut-eye not only keeps those dark circles at bay, but also keeps
your memory sharp. Doubling your power to remember, research from
the university of Exeter has found sleep is the key to last minute

 Research out today revealed that people who get
a good night's sleep can remember double the amount of information
than those who remained awake, suggesting that last-minute cramming
for an exam before going to bed might be a good tactic for

 Volunteers taking part in the study were asked
to remember made-up words either before a night's sleep or after 12
hours of being awake. The 'Sleepers' retained more words than the
participants who remained awake according to the the findings.

 Memory sleep

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Psychologist Dr Nicolas Dumay, from the University of
Exeter, said: "Sleep almost doubles our chances of remembering
previously unrecalled material."

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