Q : I've seen a foam
for sale in makro that I want to buy for my son's bed.
It is a Comfortable Foam but I can't see anywhere on the box what
sort of foam it is made from? It is 14cm deep but doesn't give much
more information. Please could you clarify for me as my son has a
heart condition which makes him sweat more than most children and I
believe some foam mattresses make this worse while memory foam
helps to stop it.


A : The main reason that foam mattresses can get warm is that
they are designed to put your body as close to the foam as possible
so you get the best levels of support. Foam is a good insulator,
which means the sleep experience can feel a little warmer as it
absorbs your body heat without dispersing it. The layer of memory
foam on our mattresses is approximately 25mm. We would, therefore
recommend that you speak with your child's GP specialist before
deciding whether or not a foam mattress would be suitable.