Q : I've had two Miracoil Supreme Sunflower mattresses, they are
wonderful to sleep on although they don't last very long. The Lily
is very comfortable too. Problem is I need a replacement
superkingsize one and can't find these anymore. I've tried a
Miracoil 7 but it is so firm compared with the Sunflower and Lily,
it really hurts my back and my wife's too. I'm really disappointed
with my purchase, so would love to purchase something else which is
much softer and feels like the Sunflower or Lily.


A : Comfort is very subjective but if you are finding the
Miracoil 7 products too firm then we suggest you try the Gianna or
Vivaldi from our new Classics collection.Gianna has EcoMemory Fibre
for pressure relieving comfort that's scientifically proven to keep
you cooler, it also has a sumptuous pillow top layer.Vivaldi has
innergetic latex for instant comfort and energising sleep. It has a
soft knit fabric with sumptuous extra fillings.