It seems our very own sleep expert
Dr Nerina is not alone when advising of the dangers of tech in the

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Dr. Dan Siegel, a clinical
professor of psychiatry from the UCLA School of Medicine,
today highlighted how damaging the effects of interacting
with our phones, tablets or computer screens right before we
go to sleep can be.

Essentially, by staring at our screens and consuming
digital information just before bed, we're actually soaking up a
"stream of photons" - which tell our brains that we want
to stay awake. So that's probably why you've
found yourself tossing and turning for an hour or so
before you can actually switch off at night.

The damage, unfortunately, does not just stop
there, it's not just tiredness the following day caused by a later
bedtime. By staying awake, we don't allow those precious neurones
of ours to rest, and we also prevent the supportive 'glial'
cells from cleaning up the toxins that our neurones have emitted
throughout the day.

Dr Nerina advises that we should turn off the tech 90
minutes before we go to bed.

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