One tip from Silentnight sleep
expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, for getting a good night's sleep is to
minimise tech in the bedroom, so we weren't surprised when new
research out today found that sleep tracking apps and devices may
be fuelling insomnia in some people. Experts at the Sleep Health
Foundation found that those who don't understand that normal sleep
involves lots of brief awakenings may be especially at

Sleep App

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Smartphone apps and wearable devices
that allow you to track and analyse your sleep patterns are hugely
popular. But pouring over the data they generate may make some of
us so anxious that we don't get 'enough' sleep, and this can lead
to real (or further) sleep troubles, the Sleep Health Foundation

Apps that use your phone's in-built
accelerometer can measure how much you move during sleep and
estimate your sleep time and quality. Sleep trackers in the form of
wrist watch technologies have also taken off.

But insomniacs who find themselves
compulsively checking their sleep stats and worrying about not
getting 'enough' sleep may need to avoid sleep tracker technology
altogether or only check the data less frequently says Sleep Health
Foundation researcher Dr Siobhan Banks.

"Pouring over data on your sleep can
be fun and may even shed some light on how you sleep, but there can
be a downside," Banks says.

While the accuracy of these apps and
devices may vary, even accurate sleep data has potential to cause
anxiety for people who have unrealistic expectations of how they
should sleep, she says.

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