Q : Is the Oxford pillowtop (Argos) the same as the Toronto
pillowtop (Sainsburys)? It seems that each store has its own
Silentnight brands and none that are on sale at one store are sold
at any other store. It makes it impossible to compare like with
like across stores or know if you are getting a good deal or not.
And if they are only available online you can't try them out
because you don't know which is the same one in a store. Why do you
do this? Which mattress in your range on this site is the same as
the 2I have mentioned?


A : We are very sorry you are struggling to compare our
products. The range of beds now available can be very confusing
with a whole host of spring systems and comfort fillings available.
Retailers also have exclusive ranges that are tailored to their
customer base.Different Label Names is one of the most confusing
areas in purchasing a mattress.If you've decided your bed needs
replacing but are feeling a little confused by all the choice out
there, The Sleep Council also has an invaluable Bed Buyer's Guide
to help you understand the features and benefits of all the
different beds on the market. The handy Sleep Good Feel Good Guide,
meanwhile, offers tips on how to care for your bed and how to get a
better night's sleep.If you find two similar products that are
equally suitable for your needs and you are struggling to decide
which to buy, think about the retailer's service eg. Quick
delivery; free disposal of your old bed; special offers; or even
just the behaviour of the salesperson.The Oxford Pillowtop mattress
is not as deep as the Toronto. The Oxford is 24cm deep. The Toronto
is 26cm deep.We do not have any mattresses on our website with same
cushion top comfort layer.