Nearly a third of Americans are
not catching enough hours of sleep
on a nightly basis. 30 per
cent of adults are sleeping for less than six hours of sleep a
night, according to the Centers for Disease Control and

Ever wanted to know what happens to your body when
lack of sleep strikes?
have created an infographic illustrating just what
happens to your eyes, brain skin, immune system and appetite after
lack of shut eye. Feeling tired all of the time can lead to weight
gain and a weakened immune system.


Lack of sleep not only affects all of the above, but
can also have a serious toll on mental health. Several studies have
have found that we're more irritable, emotional, and short-tempered
when we are tired. In addition One study by the European
Society of Cardiology found that men with sleep disorders
more likely to have heart attacks or stroke. Insufficient sleep can
also raise blood pressure and increase the risk for
prediabetic conditions.

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