A number of serious health conditions can arise if you suffer
from insomnia, new research has found.

Experts writing in the Lancet medical journal revealed that
depression, high blood pressure, heart failure and diabetes can all
arise from sleeplessness.

Charles Morin from the Universite Laval in Quebec City, Canada and
Ruth Benca from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, argued that
doctors aren't providing effective therapies for the problem.

"In view of the high prevalence and substantial morbidities of
insomnia, patients should routinely be asked about sleep problems
by health-care providers," they commented.

Many healthcare providers are instead opting to prescribe drugs to
treat insomnia, which the experts believe does not get to the root
of the problem.

Instead, it is suggested that efforts must be made to ensure an
early diagnosis, which will allow insomnia to be treated before it
reaches a near-fatal stage.

Posted by Michael Ewing