Q : I'm having alot of trouble with my back and hips I was
wondering if you could recommend a mattress for me and do you do
trials before you buy.


A : You are unlikely to find a retailer that will you allow you
to purchase a mattress and return it if it does not meet with your
comfort / support requirements after a few nights. Hence we
recommend to everyone that you research your options carefully then
narrower your search down to one or two products. Spend plenty of
time lying on these beds in store up to half an hour if necessary,
don't be embarrassed by this that is what they are therefore. You
should lie on each bed for a minimum of 10 mins.Don't just buy a
bed because it says it's good for your back. A bed that's
supportive and comfortable is key. But it is important to remember
that people's requirement for support will differ depending on
their weight and build. For a long time, it was believed that a
hard bed was good for a bad back. Recent research confirms this is
not necessarily the case and could in fact cause more
damage.There's no single right bed to ease a back problem and each
different back problem also may require a different solution. The
best approach is to research the options carefully, take time to
try them out and choose what you personally find supportive and
comfortable, regardless of labels or even price tags.Pay attention
also to choosing the correct pillow, which must support the neck in
alignment with the rest of the spine. Too many pillows thrust the
head forward or sideways (depending on your sleeping position); too
few allow the head to tip backwards: both create a crick in the