Q : I recently purchased the RAVEL (Miracoil) mattress thinking
I needed a firm mattress. However this one really is too firm. I am
able to exchange and from my assessment at the shop, the Arabella
1200 seems to have a bit more give but is still reasonably firm. I
know firmness and comfort are to some extent subjective, but based
on your knowledge of their construction and your experience, would
you agree that the Arabella would be less firm than the Ravel?


A : You cannot compare the Arabella and Ravel. They are two
completely different spring systems. The Ravel has a continuous
miracoil spring whereas the Arabella has pocket springs. The two
will feel completely different, the "give" that you experience with
the Arabella is the individual springs working independently. Our
suggestion would be to go back to the store and lie on the Arabella
for at least 10mins to see if the pocket sprung mattress feels less
firm whilst still being supportive, particularly if you have not
slept on a pocket sprung mattress before. If you share your bed
with a partner we recommend that you try the bed together to make
sure you both feel comfortable while each of you moves around on
the bed, as would be the case during sleep.We also recommend that
you try the Vivaldi or Gianna Miracoil mattresses as they have
additional comfort layers on stop of the standard fillings of the
Ravel which will give you a feeling of softness / luxury whilst
remaining supportive.You should also try the Gloriana, this is
another pocket mattress but again with a layer of comfortable latex
for the luxury feel.