Q : I previously asked if my old Silentnight Firmalux mattress
was compliant with BS7177, so that I could give it to a local
charity. You said you did not think this wasand that I should look
for a label with a match, which I cannot find. In order to avoid it
going to landfill can I please ask again. The main label says
"Silentnight. For a sheepless night. Firmalux Bronze Luxury
Buckingham. Firmness Rating 7 (ringed). Gently Firm". It also has a
sewn-in label "Fibre content of cover. Mixed Fibre" with the number
"4" in the corner.


A : With the additonal information you have provided, we have
now been able to date the product more accurately. Unfortunately
due to its age it will not conform with the current fire retardant