Q : I ordered some Silentnight pillows over 2 weeks ago using
the groupon offer. I have still not received them and when I ring
the company I receive an answer phone message saying their offices
are currently closed and opening hours are 8-8... Although I am
ringing between this time?!


A : We are sorry to hear that your purchase with Groupon has
failed to meet with your expectations, however, Silentnight bedding
is not manufactured by ourselves. It is produced under licence by a
company called Comfy Quilts Ltd and is sold through Groupon by a
variety of independent retailers as well as Comfy Quilts
themselves. If you are not sure which retailer you were directed to
during the ordering process then we suggest that you contact Comfy
Quilts direct. You caneither telephonethem on 0845 094 2800 or